SG- 54x Videos

ERE Systems SG-54X Rifle Videos

ERE Systems SG-540, 542 and 543 rifles videos

Welcome to our video page. Here you’ll find introductions to some of the rifles along with examples of us taking the various FAMAE SG series of SG-54X series rifles through their paces.


Just announced, ERE Systems now has Magazine Conversion kits for the FAMAE SG-540 and SG-543 rifles and folding stocks for the entire SG-540, SG-542,and SG-543 line of FAMAE rifles. check out the videos below for more info.

To get you started here’s a walk through of our SG-542 ERE Elite rifle from FAMAE that will be available in late fall in Canada.


Photo Tour of the FAME SG-542 ERE elite Rifle

Below you’ll find a quick one minute photo tour of the SG-542-1 ERE Elite Rifle from FAMAE out of Chile, enjoy!


Hands On With the FAMAE SG-542

Our friends over at took the SG-542 for a test run, check out Edward in action and his thoughts.

Hands On With the FAMAE SG-542 at The Calgary Shooting Centre

President of ERE Systems Richard Richter takes the FAMAE SG-542 ERE Elite rifle out on the Cinema Range at the Calgary Shooting Centre, apparently the range does take a little bit of getting used too!

Photo Tour of the FAMAE SG-543

Here’s another photo tour of one of the FAMAE rifles, this time it’s the FAMAE SG-543-1 ERE Tactical Elite version. Hope you enjoy it and be sure to leave us a comment about which of the SG-54X series rifles you’d like to see on here from FAMAE.


The FAMAE SG-540 on the Range testing grouping

This video shows us on the 25m range at the Calgary Shooting Centre checking the grouping of the 540.

Photo Tour of the FAMAE SG-540

Here’s another quick tour via photo of the FAMAE SG-540 rifle