Field Stripping A FAMAE Rifle

How To Disassemble The FAMAE SG-540 and 542 Rifle

There has been a ton of confusion regarding how to disassemble the gas system on the FAMAE rifles. In reality it’s a very simple process and rather than requiring removing one of the bolts, it simply requires a 180 degree rotation of the retaining screw to release the assembly.

SG-540 gas system teardown

To help explain it even better, we finally found some time to put this video showing you a complete disassembly and field stripping of the FAMAE SG-540 rifle. the process for stripping a SG-542 is basically the same so this should answer many of the questions we have been getting.

If you have more questions about the ERE Elite line of FAMAE rifles you can leave us a comment below and this also includes any requests for additional videos you may want!

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