Field Stripping A FAMAE Rifle

How To Disassemble The FAMAE SG-540 and 542 Rifle

There has been a ton of confusion regarding how to disassemble the gas system on the FAMAE rifles. In reality it’s a very simple process and rather than requiring removing one of the bolts, it simply requires a 180 degree rotation of the retaining screw to release the assembly.

SG-540 gas system teardown

To help explain it even better, we finally found some time to put this video showing you a complete disassembly and field stripping of the FAMAE SG-540 rifle. the process for stripping a SG-542 is basically the same so this should answer many of the questions we have been getting.

If you have more questions about the ERE Elite line of FAMAE rifles you can leave us a comment below and this also includes any requests for additional videos you may want!

Also, for those of you looking on clarification of the ERE Elite versions of the FAMAE rifles and some of the back story, check out these articles FRT Clarification – Background on How ERE Systems Became the First supplier of FAMAE SG-540, SG-542 and SG-543 rifles to Canada and About ERE Systems.


Is The SG-542 a 2 MOA rifle?

The Question of Accuracy
of the FAMAE Line of Rifles?

Over the last few months there has been a great deal of questions in regards to the accuracy of the FAMAE SG 542-1 / SG 540-1 ERE Elite line of rifles. Many shooters have become angry that we have not posted test results.

Now on the verge of delivery of the rifles it’s definitely time to address this issue.

First, there was only one of each rifle build for FRT approval and testing for us. These rifles each have over 4000 rounds fired and only once did they make it to an out door range for testing.

During testing a number of design changes were made in each model before it went into production to provide the best rifle for the North American market. ERE Systems, wanted the very best product going to market, and was not 100% happy with the two prototypes which were in country for trials.

Being a gun enthusiast myself, I wanted to make sure these rifles would be something I would be happy and proud to own. Some of these changes we implemented involved the bolt stop, the trigger & the hammer sets along with several other minor tweaks and improvements.

Regardless of what others may say, these are not stock Chilean military rifles anymore, and are an improved version unique to ERE Systems.

As many true enthusiasts are aware, no two rifles ever shoot alike. This being said, the test rifles we had built, were within the design specification of the Chilean Military, meaning the rifles shot 2 MOA with military ammo.

Note: To achieve the maximum potential from these rifles, they should be fitted with scope / rails and use some form of optical sighting system. Iron sights will not bring out the best in the design. Match grade ammo and hand loading will maximize grouping.

In the coming months, we hope to see the test results from the Canadian shooting community and look forward to the on going evaluation of the ERE Elite line.



Now that the rifles are in peoples hands,
we’ve already had some early reports of the rifle being a 2 MOA
and perhaps as low as a 1.5 at 100 yards, more updates coming.