FAMAE Special Edition – Limited Run Version

ERE Systems – the first supplier of FAMAE SG series of rifles to Canada is excited to announce a special edition of the FAMAE SG-540 we’re hoping to have in Canada within the next three months.

Now all the specifics haven’t been worked out for this FAMAE Special Edition rifle, so the final model and the exact product information are still a bit of a secret, but we do have an early prototype picture we can share,

FAMAE SG-540 Series rifle special edition


OK, so really you can’t tell much from the blacked out photo, and we apologize. But due to all the heat that popped up when we were first to market in Canada with the FAMAE rifles we need to maintain a certain level of discretion so we don’t get slagged for basically following all the correct procedures, meeting with our manufacturer a year before any of the competition and having FRT numbers in place over a year earlier than anyone else.

Next thing that will pop up on the forums is that this was someone else’s idea, so we are keeping this one a bit close to the vest for now. We’re eager to hear your thoughts on what this new version may be, so leave us a comment, share the image with your friends and give us some feedback.

ERE Systems