About ERE Systems

June 30 2013

For Immediate Release

ERE Systems Inc. history and the FAMAE line of rifles for Canada.

History in regards to ERE Systems Inc. In 2002 Environmental Rescue Equipment Inc. (ERE) was set up as a family run business to build and provide special off road wild land firefighting (6×6, 8×8 and 10×10 wheel drive trucks) equipment to the Alberta Government through SRD (Sustainable Resource Development).

From this success ERE formed ERE Logistics Inc. ( which was established to design and build a special emergency bridging system to replace bridges lost in floods and time of war. In February 2010 ERE Logistics Inc. met with FAMAE of Chile in regards to the ERE bridge system to be used in Chile and South America. At the time ERE was presented with the FAMAE line of rifles.

In the summer of 2010 ERE Systems Inc. was established to handle any business related activities outside of the wild land firefighting and bridge work. ERE Systems started follow-up inquires related to the FAMAE rifle line. ERE Systems also acts as the Saudi Arabia agent for FAMAE in the Middle East.

In mid June 2013 ERE was provided with FRT numbers from the RCMP, for the rifles which were custom built for them at the FAMAE factory. These rifles display the ERE custom model numbers (SG542-1 ERE Elite, SG540-1 ERE Elite and SG543-1 ERE Tactical Elite) and imported by ERE Systems on the rifle receivers.

ERE Systems Inc. has invested a great deal of time and private money into building, importing and registering the FAMAE rifles in Canada so that Canadian shooters can own the full line of rifles. Restricted and non-restricted models. 5.56mm and 7.62x51mm

Should you have any questions please contact ERE Systems Inc. via our website or the Calgary Shooting Center ( who will be handling retail sales of the ERE line of FAMAE rifles in Canada.

ERE Systems Inc.