MAG Conversion Kits For both FAMAE and SIG

Tired of spending a mint on magazines for your rifles? Shortly that won't be an issue as ERE Systems is excited to announce TWO upcoming conversion kits that allows you to
use standard AR Magazines on your FAMAE rifle or your SIG Classic!
To find out more, check out our video below!


After Market FAMAE Mag Conversion Kits & Accessories
After Market SIG Classic Mag Conversion Kit


ERE Systems also has additional after market accessories available for your FAMAE rifles so you can customize even more.

These accessories include picatinny rails, hand guard rails, third party Sig/SG-540 magazines, side folding stock mounts and more.
You can find out more about them here, or visit your local gun supply store to inquire about them!

And check out the ERE rifle featured in TFB TV's latest video!

FAMAE Rifle Tear Down

M203 Grenade Launcher

FAMAE Disassembly Video

One question we seem to get repeatedly is how to take apart the gas system in the FAMAE line of rifles. Well, we finally put together a video explaining the entire tear down of a FAMAE rifle.
Just follow the link below to watch. FAMAE Rifle Disassembly Article and Video

Latest News & Updates

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Now Available

Are you finding the pricing of the FAMAE mags cuts a little too deep into your spending cash? With ERE Systems new Mag conversion block that won’t be a problem. This conversion kit allows you to use standard AR mags in your current FAMAE SG-540 or SG-543 rifle.
FAMAE SG-540/543 Magazine Conversion Kit

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